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Indonesia History of Scouting

A. Preliminary

Scouting education in Indonesia is one important facet of national education, which is part of the history of the struggle of the Indonesian nation. It is necessary to know the history of Scouting in Indonesia.

B. A Brief History of the Scout Movement

Boden idea that Powell was a brilliant and interesting eventually spread to many countries including the Netherlands with the name of the Netherland or Padvinder. By the Dutch idea brought to Indonesia and the organization was founded by the Dutch in Indonesia under the name NIPV (Netherlands Indische Vereeniging Padvinders = Unity-Pandu Pandu Dutch East Indies).

The leaders of the national movement aimed at scouting organizations formed a human forming a good Indonesia become a national movement cadres. So it appears the various scouting organizations, among others, JPO (Javaanse Padvinders Organizatie) JJP (Jong Java Padvindery), NATIPIJ (Islamitsche Padvindery Nationale), READY (SI Islam Afdeling Padvindery), HW (Hisbul Wathon).

With the ban on Dutch government uses the term Padvindery KH Agus Salim using the name of the Scout or Scout.

With the rise of national consciousness after the Youth Pledge, then in 1930 as scouting organizations IPO, PK (Sultanate of Pandu), PPS (Pandu Youth Sumatra) joined the KBI (Scout Nations Indonesia). Then in 1931 formed the PAPI (Association Inter Pandu Indonesia) that turns into BPPKI (Brotherhood of the Central Scouting Indonesia) in 1938.

Scouting at the Japanese occupation in Indonesia banned so many leaders Pandu incoming Keibondan, Seinendan and PETA.

After the proclamation of independence leader Pandu Rakyat Indonesia was established on December 28, 1945 at Sala as the only scouting organization.

Around the year 1961 Indonesia scouting scouting organization was split into 100 collected in the three federal organizations that IPINDO (Scout Association of Indonesia) was established 13 September 1951, POPPINDO (Association of Pandu Puteri Indonesia) in 1954 and PKPI (Scout Association of Puteri Indonesia)
Realizing the weakness of the existing three federations merged into one by the name PERKINDO (Scout Association of Indonesia).

Because it is still a sense of high class makes Perkindo still weak. Indonesia weakness scouting movement will be used by the communist party in order to become the Young Pioneer movement such as those found in communist countries. But the strength of Pancasila in Perkindo against it and with the help of Prime Minister of Ir. Juanda then struggle generate Presidential Decree. 238 of the Scout Movement in 1961 which at the date of May 20, 1961 signed by Acting President Ir Juanda as President Soekarno was visiting Japan.

In the decree by the government of the scout was designated as the sole agency in Indonesia which allowed organizing scouting education, so that other organizations like the same nature and with the scout movement is prohibited existence.
C. Development of the Scout Movement

Provisions in the Articles of Association of the scout on the basic principles of educational methodology scouting the implementation as described above, there are many changes that bring scouts were able to develop its activities. Scout movement was more powerful and fastest-growing organizations from cities to villages.

Progress of the Scout Movement from Assembly Guidance system which runs on every level, from national level to the level of Force Home. Given the approximately 80% of Indonesia's population live in rural areas and 75% are farmers Kwarnas the Scout Movement in 1961 suggested that the scouts held activities in the field of rural development. Implementation of these recommendations, especially in Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java and West Java Community Leadership attention. Then in 1966 the Minister of Agriculture and Chairman of the National Kwartir issued instructions with the formation of the Earth Force Youth Work. Then followed the emergence of pillars Bhayangkara, Aerospace and Maritime. To deal with social problems that emerged in 1970 the Minister of Transmigration and Cooperatives together with Ka Kwarnas issued with instructions about scout movement's participation in the implementation of resettlement and cooperatives. Then proceed with the development of the scout movement range for increased cooperation and nation building activities with various agencies.

Written by: Drs. Ringsung Suratno, M Ed
source: http://www.pramukanet.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=130&Itemid=51

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